Age Cure

Age Cure




AGECURE contains 3 products designed for use at night.
Whilst we sleep our skin doubles the cellular renewal. (The regeneration cycle lasts around 30 days, although as we grow older, this rhythm slows down) During sleep collagen production increases, more toxins are eliminated and skin cellular damage is repaired. Therefore applying more powerful treatments at night, the results are intensified.
RENEW = the latest generation peel that accelerates cellular replacement. Combining acids (lactobionic, phytic & ferulic) and enzymes (papain & chestnut extract). On its own, this product has an anti-wrinkle action. but by following RENEW with NO-LINES / DENSIFY the actions are multiplied.
PHASE 1 = NO-LINES; offers a very powerful ‘botox’ effect on expression wrinkles. Results can be seen within a few days of use. It works simultaneously on the deeper layers of the skin to start building a new ‘support tissue’.
PHASE 2 = DENSIFY, helps to re-build the framework of the dermis, lifting the collagen network and hyaluronic acid from inside where the deeper wrinkles are formed. Its regenerating power is extraordinary, re-building a three-dimensional matrix that makes the skin’s surface look firmer and smoother, more supple with wrinkles reduced and in some cases eliminated.


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